What Will You Tell Them?

If you truly believe in the truth of the pro-life movement, then you know that one day abortion WILL be made illegal in our country. No longer will the most helpless members of our generation be killed in the name of “choice” or “reproductive health”, but will be rightfully protected. Our country will see abortion as the evil it is, and we will look back at legalized abortion with the same disbelief and shame with which we look at slavery or the holocaust. Look ahead into the future to when abortion has been eliminated. What will you tell your grandchildren when they ask you what YOU did at the time your country allowed parents to kill their unwanted children? Will you tell them about how you prayed outside abortion clinics? How you volunteered at crisis pregnancy centers? How you took part in the March for Life? How you inspired others to join the pro-life movement? Or will you tell them that you were against abortion, but never prayed outside abortion clinics. That you would’ve if you hadn’t had to get up so early – or go to bed at a respectable hour the night before. Will you have to tell them you didn’t speak up against abortion among your friends or co-workers, because you didn’t want to be judged or looked down on? That you didn’t take part in prayerful protests or rallies because you were afraid of being cursed or yelled at? Will you truthfully be able to tell them that you were part of the victory, not just a bystander? That you stepped out of your comfort zone? That you made sacrifices? That you prayed? Think about what you will tell your grandchildren – does this inspire you to action? Now think about the moment when you die. Will your excuses mean anything then, as you stand before God? Or are you confident, because you know you will hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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