What About Other Pro-Life Issues?

Unborn babyFor most people, the term “Pro-Life” immediately brings to mind opposition to abortion. In fact, the Pro-Life movement is globally defined as the movement focused on ending abortion and helping women in crisis pregnancies. However, I’ve met people who argue that the Pro-Life movement should treat all “life issues” equally. They claim that if we are really pro-life, we should address issues such as homelessness, hunger, the environment, war, the elderly and child labor as well as abortion. So why is it that the Pro-Life movement places so much importance on fighting against abortion? To begin, it would be a complete falsehood to say that poverty, world hunger, and the like are not serious issues. Many organizations exist which are dedicated to addressing these problems, and their efforts should be supported. Along with pro-life work, I myself have done regular volunteer work with the elderly, homeless, and with various organizations which fight hunger. However, I believe abortion is THE greatest injustice our world faces. Why? The shedding of innocent blood through abortion cries out to heaven. With the exception of war, none of the previous issues listed include the planned and intentional murder of another human being. Abortion is also the greatest cause of death in the U.S. Since its legalization in 1973, abortion has killed more than 49 million children – approximately 3,600 deaths a day. In comparison, since the Revolutionary war in 1776, approximately 1.6 million American soldiers have been killed in battle. In the current Iraqi war, an average of 2 American soldiers are killed each day. As detrimental as war is, abortion silently has become a greater evil. The children who are killed each day from abortion have no voice to speak up for themselves. Others advocate and promote their deaths. If we don’t take action, no one will. To end with, abortion is an issue that is present in our very neighbors and neighborhoods. If we want to change the world, why not start with our own towns and country? Better yet, let us start by defending the youngest and most helpless of our world.

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