Vote Pro-Life: Life Comes First

Note: This is the first in a seven part series meant to educate voters on why they should vote pro-life in the coming elections.


During the past few elections, I’ve heard many people tell me that a candidate has such a good stand on some other issue, like health care or gun control, that this is more important than a candidate’s stand on abortion. They argue, even, that being in favor of life on some random issue makes that candidate “pro-life”—despite his pro-abortion stance.

Unfortunately, too many people make moral compromises like this without realizing that abortion must be the primary consideration when voting, not a secondary one.

Pro-Life Must Come First

Candidates push abortion as a solution to any number of problems without realizing or acknowledging the other problems they are creating. Abortion does not solve society’s problems; just the opposite—abortion exacerbates society’s problems. This means that any good the candidate hopes to accomplish by reforming health care is, in the long run, undermined by his abortion-on-demand policy.

I have written this series of posts, which will be published every Monday until the election, explaining why voters should look to a candidate’s stance on abortion before all else. I hope these posts can provide you with a starting point in discussions with your friends and family who aren’t planning to vote pro-life. May the Holy Spirit guide your words as you seek to persuade them to vote pro-life.

1) Without Life, We Can Have No Other Rights

This point seems obvious, but it should be stated nevertheless. If we are not given the chance to live, we can never share in any other experiences in life.

America prides itself on the liberties she gives to her citizens. In fact, this is why “freedom of choice” has become such a popular slogan among the pro-abortion camp. The liberty to make decisions for ourselves is an important part of being American.

But notice that our Founding Fathers listed life before liberty or the pursuit of happiness. It’s because these rights must come in this order. If we are not alive, liberty cannot exist. If we do not have liberty, we cannot seek our happiness.

Unfortunately, “pro-choice” activists seek happiness above all else—they have turned their back on the right to life of millions of unborn babies. We must not be guilty of doing the same thing. We should not seek to make our lives more comfortable while a politician promotes legislation that kills unborn children. We must keep our priorities in order: life first, then liberty, and only then the pursuit of happiness.

Next Week: Abortion Increases Poverty

Stay tuned!

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