Victory for Pro-Life Club in New Zealand

I just saw a story on LifeSite about Prolife Auckland, a group that gained recognition as an official student club this week at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. This means that Prolife Auckland now has the same rights and privileges that other student clubs have — the ability to use university facilities, apply for funding, etc. For those of us in the U.S., it might not seem like big news that a pro-life student club was established at a college, since there are hundreds of pro-life clubs on campuses across the country, and although there are some exceptions, most are approved without much controversy. But in this case, it is news, because before Prolife Auckland could become officially affiliated with the university, their members first had to get a discriminatory school policy overturned:

Since 2002, anyone wanting to start a pro-life club on campus has had only one opportunity every 365 days, at an annual general meeting, to try and gain official club status, whereas any other club simply had to apply at a Student Forum, which takes place weekly.

Prolife Auckland President Simeon Brown rightly called the overturning of the school’s policy and the club’s having gained official recognition “a victory for common sense and freedom of expression”. But other students at the school disagree: anti-choice-auckland ….and they’re now trying to get club de-affiliated. So much for the freedom to choose what to think about abortion.

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