How Do You Make Abortion Supporters Go Crazy?

Planned Parenthood CEO in a Youtube response to the Tim Tebow ad
Planned Parenthood CEO in a Youtube response to the Tim Tebow ad

Suggest that someone made the right decision by keeping her baby.

I’m referring, of course, to the ad set to air during this Sunday’s Super Bowl telling the story of Pam Tebow, mother of Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, who chose to have her baby despite doctors telling her she should abort due to health concerns.

What’s most remarkable about the controversy surrounding this ad is that the pro-abortion choice ranks are being torn asunder by it.

You’ve got the extreme edges of the movement calling the ad “vitriolic” as the Women’s Media Center is in this letter to CBS execs urging them to nix the ad. In Vanity Fair, Andrea Buchanan calls the Tebow ad “absurdist theater of ignorance and grossly irresponsible,” as she describes her ideal response ad, a gritty and discomfiting montage of all the “justifiable” reasons why women get abortions.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the New York Times editorial page, of all places, calling responses like that “dismaying,” and “a lame attempt to portray the ad as life-threatening.”

Finally, there’s the baffling sight of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards trying to play the part of the measured centrist in a video response alleging that all she wants is for every woman to be able to make their own choices, just like Pam Tebow did.

Anything that’s put the well funded, well organized pro-abortion choice ranks in such utter disarray that they can’t even muster a set of talking points must be doing something right—and it is. It’s doing the best thing pro-lifers can possibly do, which is to point out that it’s better for mothers, better for babies, and better for the world to choose life.

This message is so threatening to them that, before they’ve even seen the ad, they launched into crisis mode. Planned Parenthood even lured a couple c-list sports celebrities to do their own counter-ad on Youtube.

All this points to one clear fact that Joe Scheidler pointed out in his CBS interview last week: Sentiment in this country is clearly moving towards valuing life, and if that current continues to gain momentum—and it shows no signs of stopping—that will spell the end for the abortion industry in America quicker than any law or court decision.

Their scattered and divided response to this ad is just one more piece of evidence that the abortion industry is terrified of the growing pro-life consensus in America. As Vanity Fair‘s rabidly pro-abortion Buchanan put it in describing why she thinks the Tebow ad is unfair:

. . . because it’s impossible to argue the other side of this. There is no other side. We all want life. We all want family.

Precisely. And that will be the downfall of abortion in America.

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