Susan Hill Dead at Age 61

susanhillAbortion chain operator Susan Hill is dead at 61.

Susan and I have a long history, as she was one of the abortionists who got the League all tangled up in NOW v. Scheidler.

It seems that I was always picketing and protesting at Susan’s mills. After all, she was managing twelve at one time.

I had protested outside her mill in Fort Wayne, Indiana and she called the bomb squad, without even warning us that a bomb was expected to go off and blow the big brick building right into our line of march—that is, if someone had set a bomb.

Then I picketed one of her mills in North Carolina, and since it was inside a general office building I went in, but Susan called the police, so we had to stay way outside the building.

Then it was one of Hill’s abortion mills in Wilmington, Delaware that I went into to see what an abortion clinic looked like and to let her know that about a thousand pro-lifers would be protesting outside her mill the next day. She called the police.

I got out before the police came but she filed a warrant and I was arrested and locked up the next day. Luckily, the police were polite and cooperative enough—after a little persuasion by several hundred picketers—to let the march finish and allow us to give some talks before they marched me off to my cell.

When I got out of jail I gathered my troops together and we went out and picketed Susan’s house just after she got home. She stood on the porch looking uncomfortable. I also debated Susan on Nightline and got the last word, but said this battle against abortion would never end until all the mills in the country were closed, including the Susan Hill’s then dozen.

During our trial Susan came out to Chicago with a great big guard, because she as “scared” that one of our wild fanatic pro-lifers would do her harm. I noticed the body guard was around only while the cameras were on.

During our deposition of Susan we became so comfortable with each other that I actually listened to her suggestion that she do one of my Hotlines. I told her she could do the hotline, but that I would get to add my two cents worth of corrections at the end. She didn’t want any corrections, so it never happened.

The last time I saw Susan was on the steps of the United States Supreme Court. She had aged, as had I, and it wasn’t the same couple who had battled it out on Nightline or joked during the deposition. Here were two older people with had some strange memories to review.

I had recalled that Susan was an identical twin and remembered that her twin had died many years before I met Susan. How we got talking about her I’m not sure but I always wondered if her twin might have been a positive influence on Susan, or if they might have gone into the abortion business together.

It’s so strange to think of the dead, both those you loved and worked with like Walter Krawiec and Marie Smith and oh so many more, and to recall those you fought, like George Tiller and Susan Hill.

The good ones knew exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it, and there is a kind of peace thinking of them now before the throne of God. The others we hope and pray for and can’t help but hope that at that last split second God gave that great grace, that gratuitous insight, that brought them realization, and repentance.

I spent a half hour ride with Dr. George Tiller and found some good there – not much considering his business – but some. Maybe God worked on that.

I spent time with Susan Hill and never disliked her despite what she did for a living. I always felt sorry for her and prayed for her.

Besides running a dozen clinics, later down to four, and now none, she was responsible for the deaths of 400,000 pre-born babies. I just hope Susan got saved. I hope Tiller got saved. Hell is just too terrible a thought, especially for people I’ve known and prayed for. “Requiescat in Pace” sounds a little out of place here, but there it is.

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