Speak Out Bravely Here

While doing some reading over the past few days, I came across this passage that inspired me enough to share it. It is taken from a series of private revelations from Christ to “Anne”, a lay apostle, in 2005. While the messages have not yet received the imprimatur (official approval of the Catholic Church), the bishop of Kilmore – Anne’s diocese – has given permission for their publication on the basis that there is nothing in them that is contrary to faith or morals, and much that is positive and nourishing for the faith.

I am encouraging you to ask Mary, your Blessed Mother, for assistance in the area of purity. You are called upon to follow the rules of your Church in this regard. Sexual intimacy is intended for a man and woman who are in a holy union, in a blessed marriage. I am Jesus and I am telling you today that the rules have not changed. Do not listen to those who follow the world because you will be led astray. Listen to Me. There is grave damage done to souls because of sins of impurity. This sin leads to many other, even more grave sins. This is the sin responsible for the slaughter of so many unborn souls. Dear young apostles, work hard for Me in this area. Do not let it be said that you sanctioned the murder of one of God’s children. Speak out bravely here. If you have been led to this yourself, come to Me, immediately. Ask My forgiveness. It is yours. I forgive you. I will make it right. I need to cleanse you of this so that you are not led to further sin because of your pain. Many, many souls have made this mistake and aborted children. This is the greatest indicator of the level of darkness in your world. But I have healing, even for this. Understand that I must have your help. I need you. You are not replaceable in this kingdom of God. Some of My closest friends working in the world today have committed this sin. Do I love them less? I am smiling, My beloved, because the truth is so far from that. Indeed, I do not love them less for their pain and their repentance. I love them more because they do not judge others. And they work for Me in the greatest of love. Work against sexual sin and work against abortion. This is always My will so you do not have to ask Me. It is possible that you will make mistakes in this area, even after you have committed yourself to be My apostle. I expect you to make mistakes at times and commit sin. Come to Me immediately and ask My forgiveness. Have your Confession heard as soon as possible after this. Together, you and I will minimize the damage of each mistake on your soul. We will together make the improvements in your soul which will help you avoid these sins in the future. Understand that I am with you everywhere. I do not leave when you commit sins because I must witness each act committed on earth. You have total love and understanding from heaven. You have total compassion. You have total forgiveness if you repent. And you will have complete healing for any past mistakes. I love you and you are Mine. I, Jesus Christ, cry out to all who read these words. Come back to Me. Come back to the side of goodness and kindness. I will send every grace necessary for your complete healing and conversion. I will care for your every need. Trust Me, Jesus, and you will be saved. All is well. God’s kingdom comes.

Anne, a wife and mother of six, reveals her journey to the heart of Jesus. The messages she hears in her soul, which she believes are from God the Father, Jesus, Mary, and many saints, reveal the tender, solicitous love that our Savior has for each one of us. More information can be found at directionforourtimes.com. , including the text quoted.

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