Pro-Life Sign Disappears

signdisappears1Not many weeks ago I wrote about the new sign which had been placed on the newsstand outside the Planned Parenthood clinic at 1200 N. LaSalle in Chicago. It was an advertisement paid for by a pregnancy center, Aid For Women, offering help to pregnant women.

Newsstand Mysteriously Disappears

The next Saturday, the newsstand was gone.

This stand has been there for years and, as far as anyone knows, was never even used. But the moment a pro-life ad goes on it—with a contract to stay up until May—the city tears it down.

As Chicago Tribune columnist Dennis Byrne wrote, “The Constitution protects political and commercial speech of all sorts. JCDecaux signs have advertised booze and featured a bikini-clad woman, but a tasteful sign that offends political correctness may not have made the cut.”

He reports that Susan Barrett, executive director of Aid for Women, still can’t find out why the stand has been demolished.

Join Us On Saturday

Ironically, now there’s a lot more room for Prayer Warriors to gather in front of this clinic. I hope you will join us. A group meets there every Saturday morning from about 9:30 a.m. until noon.

You will not be arrested—after the initial shows of strength, the police have calmed down. Last week no officers showed up. The week before one arrived, on her own, and quickly left. They have seen that we are willing to obey the law as it is written (though not as they may incorrectly interpret it) and they respect our right to be there.

It is important that we are there. These babies must not die alone and unmourned. And these girls must know that there are people who care about both them and their babies.

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