Chemical Abortions Come to Springfield, Illinois

MifepristoneEarlier this week, I was interviewed by Laura Sullivan of Medill Reports for an article published Tuesday about the commencement of chemical abortions at Planned Parenthood’s center in Springfield, Illinois. Also interviewed for the article was Planned Parenthood’s Beth Kantor, and I found one of her remarks pretty illuminating:

Springfield is a high priority. Sangamon County has the highest birth rates in the state, including teen birth rates.

What makes a county a high priority for Planned Parenthood? If it has a high birth rate. If too many babies are being born, Planned Parenthood is ready to step in and drive down the birth rate through abortion.

Kantor also offered this interesting remark:

And nearly half of the total births reported in the area are unintended.

I’m not exactly sure what an “unintended birth” is. I’ve never heard of a woman giving birth “unintentionally”—it’s been my observation as a father of eight that giving birth is something a woman does very much on purpose.

What Kantor probably is referring to is the number of unintended pregnancies. But there’s a world of difference between an “unintended pregnancy” and an “unintended birth.” Though Kantor may not believe it, most parents work through the initial dismay over a surprise pregnancy by the time the baby is born, welcoming their new son or daughter with joy.

Both of these comments reveal the profoundly anti-child, anti-birth mentality that prevails at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. No wonder that even as the abortion rate goes down nationally, Planned Parenthood’s share of the abortion business keeps going up.

On the subject of chemical abortions, check out Jill Stanek’s column at World Net Daily on the woman who “live tweeted” her chemical abortion last month. Hoping to “demystify” this supposedly simple, easy abortion method, she instead micro-blogged a grueling, painful procedure that took over a week.

This is what’s now in store for the women of Springfield, thanks to Planned Parenthood.

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