“Can’t you think of anything better to protest?” This is the one comment that has always stuck in my mind. On a sunny day in Hawaii, as our pro-life group stood along the highway holding signs to protest abortion, a woman biking by said this statement as she passed us and after I had smiled at her. The thing I always remember though, when I recall this comment, is that there is no better thing to protest. Abortion is the killing of innocent human beings–children never given the chance to live. What is more important than defending a human life? Surely, activating for animal rights can’t be more important. Green issues may be important to many people, but even the entirety of the “go green” movement cannot account for the value of a single, eternal human soul. We cannot be passive. Abortion is a great evil, and one of the best things to protest, along with protesting euthanasia–abortion is legal in the USA and euthanasia is now legal in three states. If we don’t stand up for these helpless groups, who will and what will be the future of our country, or of the world? Pro-lifers: we are the future, and only we can affect the needed change in our culture by spreading the message. We must fight for the cause, even if it means that we will get flak for it, such as people buying into the belief that a fetus is a part of a mother’s body and that there are more important things to protest. Abortion SHOULD be protested, and if we don’t, then the battle will never be won.

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