Planned Parenthood Violations Uncovered in Live Action Sting

Live Action President Lila Rose
Live Action President Lila Rose

Friend of the League and President of Live Action Lila Rose shared some exciting pro-life news today.

Lila, who just last month shared about her groundbreaking undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood with hundreds of adults and over 100 teens at the SpeakOut Illinois and TeenSpeak conferences, has exposed the web of deceit that surrounds Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.

Now her work is finally getting the attention of authorities who are moving into action. Here’s what Lila had to say:

In response to our Birmingham video, the Attorney General Troy King opened an investigation, which King eventually handed over to the State Health Department. Here’s a sample of what the Health Department found at the Birmingham Planned Parenthood clinic: nine out of 9 underage girls, aged 13 to 15, received abortions without proper verification of parental consent. A 13 year old girl came to the clinic for 2 different abortions with four months. Planned Parenthood made no report of suspected abuse or neglect. The report states:

“A reasonable person faced with that situation would have to suspect abuse…Neither the Registered Nurse, the Medical Doctor, nor any other Center staff reported the suspected abuse or neglect to the authorities as required by law. This is a shocking but sadly typical response from Planned Parenthood.”

The full report can be read here [PDF], and it’s a doozy of a read. Lila’s undercover work is throwing Planned Parenthood in a frenzy trying to cover their tracks. I highly recommend reading the whole thing.

The report showed other egregious violations of state and local codes such as a mislabeled and expired suction abortion machine, open bottles of expired medicine with syringes still attached and Planned Parenthood employees looking the other way when a 15-year-old girl provided “parental consent” by a woman with a different name and address. Birth records indicate the woman was not the girl’s mother.

It’s about time these ludicrous offenses started bearing some consequences for the nation’s largest—and apparently sloppiest—abortion provider. Great work Lila!

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