Planned Parenthood Golden Gate Loses National Affiliation

Screenshot from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's infamous video "A Superhero for Choice"

Screenshot from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's infamous video "A Superhero for Choice"

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America will sever ties with its San Francisco affiliate, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, as of September 3.

The affiliate is being cut loose apparently due to financial mismanagement. Its most recent documents filed with the IRS showed a loss of a staggering $2.8 million, and other documents from as early as 2004 indicate it has been falling well short of meeting the national office’s financial requirements.

PPGG’s political action fund — i.e., its 501(c)(4) political advocacy arm — is also in trouble with the State of California’s Attorney General’s Office, which last week sent a warning letter to the fund because it has not filed its tax documents with the office for at least 10 years.

Video Portrays Planned Parenthood “Superhero” Blowing Up Pro-Lifers

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate is probably best known for its infamous 2005 video “A Superhero for Choice,” featuring Dianysis, a “superhero” modeled on PPGG’s CEO Dian Harrison. The video — which PPGG pulled from its website soon after posting it — features, among other things, Dianysis drowning an abstinence educator in a garbage can and taking aim at pro-life demonstrators, shooting them with a condom gun, and blowing them up:

Holly Patterson’s Death from RU-486

But Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s disreputable past doesn’t end there.

It was one of their branches that gave 18-year old Holly Patterson the abortion drug RU-486 on September 10, 2003. A week later, Holly was dead.

And although Harrison issued a statement saying, “We extend our deepest sympathies to the family” and “We wish them strength and support in this tragic time”, her words were, of course, vacuous: in response, Holly’s father, Monty Patterson, remarked, “They haven’t offered anything,” and noted that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t even return his phone calls.

PPGG Boasts about Covering Up Rape of 11-Year Old Girl

What’s more, in 2005, PPGG posted this testimonial on its website:


After pro-lifers launched an outcry, PPGG removed the story from its website, but it’s still accessible here.

By posting this account, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate was effectively boasting about covering up the rape of an 11-year old girl. And not just statutory rape, either — the cover-up of which has been repeatedly documented at numerous Planned Parenthood locations since then by Lila Rose and Live Action — but forcible rape.

And since the victim’s parents didn’t know, it’s also safe to assume PPGG didn’t report the rape to the police either; otherwise, her parents surely would have been notified.

Meanwhile, thanks to Planned Parenthood’s inaction, the victim’s rapist remained free.

Losing Money: The Unforgivable Sin?

It’s rather telling, don’t you think, that in light of this notoriously appalling track record in recent years, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate was still allowed to keep its status as an affiliate. It took a financial scandal for the national federation to cut it off.

In this vein, I also note that as of this writing, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate is still accepting donations through its website:


This speaks volumes.

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