Sign the Petition against Illinois FOCA!

penThe pro-life movement in Illinois is already mobilizing against the pernicious “Reproductive Health and Access Act” just re-filed in the House of Representatives—better known as “Illinois FOCA”—and you can join the fight by adding your name to the petition just launched at the Stop Illinois FOCA website.

Once you’ve added your name with the online form, click the “Share This” link on the page to forward it to your pro-life family and friends. You can also download a printable petition [PDF] for gathering signatures at church or around the neighborhood.

And don’t forget about the SpeakOut Illinois Lobbying Day, March 10. Space is still available on the buses leaving from the north side of Chicago and Willowbrook in the southwest suburbs.

We beat the 2009 version of this bill thanks to grassroots campaign that overwhelmed our opponents—and we’re going to beat it again this year if every pro-life Illinoisan takes part in the fight.

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