New pro-life signs point to Waterleaf

Karen Nickels with the new signs outside of Planned Parenthood AuroraI’m very excited about an idea for some new signs we’d like to produce to aid our sidewalk counselors at Planned Parenthood Aurora. The signs, which were the brainchild of two of our local counselors, Karen N. and Rachelle C., read “Pregnant? Free Help 1 Block West” and then list the phone number and web address for Waterleaf Women’s Center. Read on to find out how you can give a gift today to help make these signs a reality. The signs were conceived because of the difficulty counselors often have in communicating with Planned Parenthood’s patrons given the distance across the road from where they have to stand. They figured some sign with the basic information about where Waterleaf is and the fact that they offer free help might be enough to get some girls to reconsider their stop at Planned Parenthood.

Little Signs Make a Big Impact

Waterleaf sign in english Boy were they right! They’ve produced a couple of prototypes that Karen has been using in her counseling. I was amazed by the visual impact of the signs when I drove up to the clinic the other day. Just a handful of protest signs staked in the ground makes the presence of pro-lifers look much more intentional and sizable. There were only three people praying and counseling when I showed up, but it looked like a whole encampment.

Every Counselor Needs These Signs

Waterleaf sign in Spanish Between the visual impact, the information about Waterleaf and the ability to reach girls who wouldn’t normally stop and talk to counselors, these signs are an invaluable resource. I’d like to see every counselor at Planned Parenthood Aurora equipped with their own set because I’m convinced they will save lives. It’s going to take 100 signs to make enough for each counselor to have two signs in English and one in Spanish to bring with them whenever they counsel. But high quality signs that will last through snow and rain and wind are not cheap. We’ve got a good relationship with a print company who’s offered to make them for us for only $5 apiece if we make the bulk order of 100 signs. But that brings the cost for all the signs we need to $500, and that’s where we need your help.

Sponsor a Sign Today

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in the life-saving mission of sidewalk counseling. It’s not everybody’s mission, but even it’s not your calling, you can still help support this lifesaving work. You can sponsor one of these signs by donating $5 today at the Pro-Life Action League’s secure donations page.

If you can afford $10, you would cover the cost of 2 of these signs. If you donate $25, you’ll be providing 5 signs. Any amount you can give will be a big step in making these signs a reality and a great help to the counselors and the abortion-bound mothers and their babies. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Please donate today.

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