Billboard Shows Aborted Babies

Billboard on the property of Midland Catholics for Life in Midland, TexasOur hat is off to Midland (Texas) Catholics for Life, which earlier this month put up a billboard on its property (see left) featuring graphic abortion pictures.

Not surprisingly, the billboard has been generating significant controversy, due in no small part to the fact that the billboard is located across the street from a Planned Parenthood facility that performs abortions.

The local CBS affiliate did a segment on the billboard recently, and to its credit, actually showed the images of aborted babies:

In the news report, Planned Parenthood’s Carla Holeva responds by saying:

It’s a bully type mentality. These are the same individuals that stand outside the fence and make harassing and at times – obscene – comments to our clients.

Notice that Planned Parenthood’s knee-jerk response is to launch an ad hominem attack on pro-lifers — a charge for which their spokeswoman conveniently fails to provide any supporting evidence — which, in any case, is entirely beside the point.

The news report goes on to say that Holeva “believes the images on the billboard are doctored using Photoshop and are not medically accurate.”

This calls to mind the old saying that if someone commits murder, it could very well lead to theft, breaking and entering, cheating at cards, and even fibbing.

Although one can hardly be surprised that someone speaking in an official capacity on behalf of the leading abortion provider in America would claim the images are fake, dwelling on this point is a losing tack for Planned Parenthood, as it’s plainly obvious the images are authentic.

In fact, the images used on the two-sided billboard are originally from the Center Bio-Ethical Reform — see the images on CBR’s website here and here — which is ably prepared to take legal action against those who falsely accuse them of fraudulently altering their pictures of aborted embryos and fetuses.

Does Planned Parenthood really want to go there?

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