Planned Parenthood Plays the “Violence” Card—Again

Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa CEO Joe Lock

Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa CEO Joe Lock

Planned Parenthood has proved, once again, that they’ve only got one play in their miserable little play book. They can’t defend corrupting youth, destroying families and killing 305,310 unborn babies they kill every year. So they always resort to demonizing pro-lifers.

The latest attack comes from Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa CEO Joe Lock. In a report from KCRG news today he raises the specter of violence over our protest of his big abortion gala this evening where Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards will speak.

Lock’s Desperate Ploy

Lock claims to have been working with police, local businesses and even the FBI to prevent any violence from disrupting his big abortion party. He says they’ve been calling attendees to assure them of their safety.

While I’m delighted to think that some Planned Parenthood supporters may choose to stay home tonight out of unfounded fear, the truth is we contacted Cedar Rapids police days ago to inform them of our peaceful protest plans.

But you could see why Lock wants to put the focus on the prospect of violent pro-life protesters. In the same article, I’m quoted saying abortion is nothing to celebrate. Lock doesn’t want readers to come away thinking about Planned Parenthood’s radical abortion agenda. He wants the takeaway to be that pro-life activists are violence-prone.

Our Protest Will Be Peaceful—As Always

Oddly enough, Lock even admits there has been no violence directed at Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa ever in the 30 year history that they’re celebrating tonight.

He’d like the readers of (insert outlet) to think that’s because of his vigilance. But the real reason for the past 30 years of peace—and the peaceful protest coming tonight—is that the pro-life movement is peaceful.

Lock may be bluffing, but if there really will be extra security tonight, I have a suggestion for what fruitful purpose they might be put to. They could be deployed as guards over the heaps of baby goods we’re collecting tonight for needy moms.

Speak Up: Tell the People of Iowa Pro-Lifers Are Peaceful

You can help set the record straight on the peacefulness that guides our pro-life mission by leaving your comments at the KCRG website.

Tell the people of Cedar Rapids and—show them how peaceful, respectful and well-reasoned we pro-lifers really are.

After all, we’re now in the majority—and that’s got to have both Joe Lock and Cecile Richards shaking in their boots. The growing influence of the pro-life voice—and not alleged pro-life violence—is what they’re really scared of.

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