Baby Boy Left To Die

A photo of a baby born at 22 weeks gestation and given the proper care.
A photo of a baby born at 22 weeks gestation and given the proper care.

God have mercy on our fallen world. Stories like this must make the angels weep.

A priest in Italy went to the closet where babies who survived abortion are left to die a day after a baby boy was placed there to pray for the child.

Priest Discovers An Abortion Survivor

He expected that this child, who was delivered at 22-weeks gestation would be dead. What he found was a live baby. He immediately called to have the baby taken to the intensive care unit of another hospital nearby. The baby died the next day.

Italian police are investigating whether to charge someone with homicide or child abandonment, since leaving a child to die in a closet is illegal…shockingly (sarcasm intended).

Of course such a practice is illegal in America as well, but (like with euthanasia) it’s a law enforced through self-reporting. And what hospital is going to report that a baby was born alive but they left him to die?

Not that Obama would care anyway…

Therapeutic Abortions For “Medically Necessary” Reasons

left-to-die 2Why was it necessary to kill this boy, you ask? He was severely deformed (sarcasm very much intended).

He had a cleft lip and palate.

How Old Is Too Old For Abortion?

The survival of this child again raises the question of “viability” as a standard for how late in a pregnancy a baby can be aborted. If this baby could survive an entire day without any medical care whatsoever at 22-weeks, this makes the old “24-week line” look pretty far off from the truth.

Then again, on Saturday at Planned Parenthood, the father of a beautiful 15 month old boy told sidewalk counselors that his wife was having an abortion because the son they had already was too much trouble, so they didn’t want another child.

I wanted to tell him he was executing the wrong child. Why not kill the trouble-maker, rather than the one you haven’t met?

Of course, it’s not legal to kill a child who has already been born.

But tell that to the baby boy who is now in Heaven after having been left in a closet to die.

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