Don’t Law Enforcement Officers Have Anything Better to Do?

Police cars outside Albany Medical Surgical Center abortion facility in Chicago
Police cars outside Albany Medical Surgical Center abortion facility in Chicago

Perhaps the pro-life victories on election day have frustrated the abortion clinic folks, or maybe it was just on their calendar to call the police on us today. In any event, that’s what they did.

I was standing in the alley behind the Albany abortion mill in Chicago this morning in the same spot I always occupy, near the clinic parking lot entrance. The clinic administrator had arrived in her enormous SUV and made her usual comment about not blocking the entrance.

At that point I was alone, and, although I like to think I’m pretty competent, I really don’t think I could single-handedly block an entire alley or parking lot entrance—certainly not both at once!

Shortly after her arrival, my colleague Andrew arrived. Now there were two of us—still not a big enough contingent to form a blockade. We gave literature about abortion alternatives to several groups of clinic clients, all of whom came successfully through the alley, stopped and accepted our literature, then drove on in to the parking lot.

Police Called on Law-Abiding Pro-Lifers

About an hour into our vigil at the clinic a Chicago Police SUV pulled into the alley. The officer stopped, rolled down his window and said to me, “You know you can’t block the entrance.” I assured him I knew this. He drove on into the parking lot and walked into the clinic.

A moment later a second police car pulled up on Elston Avenue and that officer also went into the clinic. About five minutes later both officers emerged from the clinic and approached us in the alley. Officer Annunzio again reminded me that we cannot block the entrance. I agreed.

Then he said we had to keep moving. I know that isn’t true and told him so. So he went back to his mantra about not blocking the entrance. He kept repeating that and I kept saying, “OK, I understand.” And they left.

It seemed as if the police officer wanted me to argue with him about the issue of where I could stand in the alley. Was he trying to be seen in a contentious conversation for the benefit of the surveillance cameras around the abortion clinic? Was he building a case to prove he had responded to their complaints without really having any violation to complain about? Who knows?

It is a complete waste of law enforcement time and resources to be called repeatedly to abortion clinics where the pro-lifers are simply praying and offering help to pregnant women.

FBI Pays a Visit to Crisis Pregnancy Center

Just a couple of weeks ago two FBI agents visited the Women’s Center CPC across from an abortion clinic in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The clinic does abortions on Thursdays and local pro-life activists have organized a dedicated group of counselors and prayer warriors to be on site when the clinic is in operation. The FBI agents inquired of the CPC volunteer if she had any concerns about the “extremists” out at the clinic. By rights that should mean the so-called doctor who is in that building killing children. But no, they are referring to the folks out there praying.

That same week two packages containing bombs on their way from Yemen to Chicago were intercepted by officials in Britain and Dubai. Now there’s an example of actual terrorism. Why does our government waste the time and resources of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the local police departments checking on the peaceful, lawful activities of pro-lifers when we have an epidemic of crime and terrorism destroying our cities?

And the “doctors” in those abortion clinics continue to rip the arms and legs off little tiny babies, under the protection of the law enforcement our tax money provides.

Does this make any sense?

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