League to Partner with Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic

Matthew KellyThe Pro-Life Action League is excited to announce an affiliation with Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic apostolate. Let me tell you a little bit about this opportunity.

Last spring my daughter Cathy invited me to join her family for a talk by Matthew Kelly at a large parish in suburban Chicago. It was the third day of the mission and the church was packed to capacity—nearly a thousand people, many of whom had come for the first two days as well.

Mathew Kelly, Australian-born, internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, spoke with passion and conviction about his Catholic faith, urging listeners to practice what he calls the “seven pillars of spirituality”—the Mass, Reconciliation, prayer, spiritual reading, Scripture, contemplation and the Rosary.

The people who attend Matthew Kelly’s retreats and missions are people with a serious interest in deepening their faith and acting on their commitment to living a Christian life. Kelly inspires people to become “the best version of themselves,” and to make choices that make that happen.

League Teams Up with Kelly to Help Catholics Live their Faith

So when Kelly’s organization, Dynamic Catholic, invited the Pro-Life Action League to join them for the 2010-2011 series of nationwide events, I was excited about the prospect of introducing our pro-life mission to a group of people hungry for a way to live out their faith.

At each of these monthly events, the Pro-Life Action League will have a display table. We will be able to explain to people just exactly what sidewalk counseling is, direct them to local pro-life organizations and recruit them to be ambassadors for the pro-life movement.

“Mainstreaming” Pro-Life Clinic Witness

Many committed Christians want to volunteer some of their time to a worthy cause. The first things that come to mind are generally soup kitchens, libraries, hospitals, homeless shelters and community centers. We would like to see witness at an abortion clinic become just as mainstream as those volunteer opportunities I mentioned.

Right now most people think of praying or counseling outside an abortion clinic as a fairly radical activity. But the reality is that for the most part it is a peaceful, quiet outreach to offer a woman a real choice, a chance to see the life within her as a blessing, not a crisis. The sidewalk counselor offers her an opportunity to take a new direction in her life and make better choices.

We are excited about this new opportunity to reach people through the Matthew Kelly’s Passion and Purpose seminars. The first one is coming up September 11 in Alpharetta, Georgia. On October 23, we’ll be with Matthew in Mundelein, Illinois, with more sites to follow over the coming year. Check out the complete schedule and find registration information right here.

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