My 2010 Face the Truth Experiences

Joe Scheidler gives the closing remarks and leads the prayer at the end of the last site of the 2010 Face the Truth Tour. [photo by Dan Gura]New recruits to our Face the Truth tours are often surprised at the negative reactions they get from drivers who see our graphic pictures.

Some Reactions Very Negative, Others Very Positive

They hear foul language expressed with anger and hatred. Sometimes their signs are pelted with eggs. Their signs are spit on, or pushed by an angry pedestrian.

These expressions of hatred of the pictures of aborted babies challenge the volunteer to remain calm and cheerful under stress. We old-timers have grown accustomed to the negative aspect of taking part in the Truth Tour, but we are also overjoyed by the positive responses we often get.

The newcomer should also be aware that what he is doing is also appreciated by many who view the pictures that are so offensive to others. It is this positive reaction that makes a Face the Truth tour exciting and worthwhile.

Spontaneous Support from Motorists Is Uplifting

Besides the many thumbs-up given by motorists, shouts of “thank you for doing this,” and other comments showing approval of our holding the graphics, on this year’s Tour I got some overwhelming instances of support.

In one case a young woman, after passing a long row of pro-lifers holding signs, parked her car in a shopping center and walked over to me with tears in her eyes. She said she was so happy to see our display that she had to stop and tell us how impressed she was to see someone doing what has to be done: showing the truth of the horrible crime of abortion.

She said she thanked God for us, and told me that there are more people like her than we realize, who also are delighted that we are showing the truth but who don’t stop to tell us how important our work is.

In another instance, two teenage boys who were driving by decided that they had to stop and join our Tour.

Both were placed close to me where I was holding the painting of Christ weeping over an aborted baby, a poster accompanied by the American flag. I was able to talk to these young men and learned that as they drove past, they were so impressed by our display and the fact that some people have the courage to stand along the highway to show fellow Americans how bad abortion is, that they had to join us. They stayed for the remainder of that stop and were interviewed by Spirit Juice.

I am certain that everybody on the tour had positive experiences similar to mine, but these impressed me so strongly that I wanted to post them here.

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