Graphic Abortion Images Making News (In A Good Way)

Girl holding a picture of baby Malachi

Claire W holds a picture of baby Malachi on one of the League's Face the Truth Tours. [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

Missionaries to the Preborn, Pastor Matt Trewhella’s organization headquartered in Milwaukee was featured in the Wisconsin Christian News newspaper this week. Rob Pue’s article did a terrific job explaining the importance of displaying graphic abortion photos in public—something the League picked up from the Missionaries.

Missionaries Efforts Featured

Briefly, here’s what the article says:

When Pastor Matt Trewhella founded the ministry in 1988 (then called Rescue Operation Milwaukee), the city of Milwaukee had eight abortion clinics. Today, only two remain and statistics show that more Americans than ever are decidedly pro-life.

But it has not been an easy mission. Pastor Matt attended college with a major in Christian Missions. While still a student, he learned that there are over 400 different “missions” in America today but not one targeted the preborn child as a “people group.” In the early days, he assumed that most clergy would support an effort to save the lives of helpless babies, but soon learned that most ministers opposed him, and most Christians did not even believe that preborn children were human beings.

Fortunately, Trewhella persevered and has been responsible for saving many, many babies in his lifetime.

About their Truth Tours, Pue writes,

Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words. Upon viewing photos of an aborted baby, most people are rightly shaken, upset, angry and deeply disturbed. While often times that anger is misplaced, and directed toward the messengers rather than the perpetrators of the crime, the Missionaries’ ministry does accomplish one thing very well: it jolts the sleeping public out of their apathy and forces them to confront the taboo topic head on.

Volunteers and counselors are always on hand during “tour stops” to distribute educational materials which shine the light of truth on abortion—a subject most would prefer not to think about at all.

CBR Graphic Ad Campaign

Also using graphic photos of abortion to make the pro-life message heard loud and clear is the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. CBR has launched a campaign in the legislative districts of five members of the House of Representatives who they believe are vulnerable to switching their votes on the healthcare bill—they voted in favor of Stupak the first time, but CBR fears they are vulnerable to voting against it when the House and Senate versions of the bill are reconciled.

If you live in one of the following districts, keep your eyes open for their ads: Dan Boren (OK), Chris Carney (PA), Kathy Dahlkemper (PA), Steve Driehaus (OH), and Gene Taylor (MS).

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