Action Needed to Fight “Illinois FOCA”

Illinois House of Representatives floor

Here at the Hotline Blog, we’ve been keeping you up to date with the latest news on Illinois HB6205, the “Illinois FOCA” bill that’s currently making its way through the Illinois House of Representatives.

This bill would enshrine abortion as a fundamental right in Illinois, even if Roe v. Wade was overturned. It would abolish all restrictions on abortion and force every public school in Illinois to teach “condom training” sex-ed from pre-school. Check out Eric Scheidler’s latest post on the Stop Illinois FOCA website for the latest on the bill’s progress.

Illinois pro-lifers have beaten this bill twice before, and we can beat it again, but there are some extremely important action items that every Illinois citizen needs to take to fight this pernicious piece of legislation.

Action You Can Take

  1. See if your representative is one of the co-sponsors of the bill and tell them to drop their sponsorship of the bill TODAY. Get a list of all the co-sponsors and their contact info at the Stop Illinois FOCA website.
  2. Call, write and visit all the representatives on the Human Services Committee especially this coming Tuesday, March 2, the day before they will be meeting again and may discuss HB6205. Tell them to vote NO on HB6205. Get a list of all the members of the committee and talking points to use when you contact them at the Stop Illinois FOCA website.

Please call the members of the Human Services Committee whether or not they are your representative. As a member of that committee, they represent all Illinoisans’ interests on issues that pass before them.

All it’s going to take to beat this bill again is pro-life Illinoisans like you and me getting involved and letting our representatives know where we stand. Please take action today!

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