How Does the Health Care Vote Change Pro-Life Activism?

Last night’s vote passing the President’s health care overhaul in the House of Representatives was a big loss. But now that the bill has been passed, how does it change things for pro-life activists? Not much, according to Ann Scheidler, Vice President of our parent organization, the Pro-Life Action League. And I agree with her. Check out the entry she posted today on the League’s Hotline blog. Unborn babies are still being killed all over America today, just like they would be if the vote had gone the other way yesterday. So our task remains the same: to save babies and their mothers from abortion and expose the horror of abortion to the American people. As Ann says in her post, “It won’t matter if federal funds can be used to pay for abortion if we can intervene and save those babies at the clinic doors.” So take heart that the latest battle over health care may have been a loss, but the battle to change hearts and minds on abortion continues. And if the opposition of the majority of our fellow Americans to the health care bill rammed through yesterday is any indication, we’re winning that battle.

Fr. Paul Marx, R.I.P.

While you’re at the League’s site reading Ann’s remarks, I invite you also to read League National Director Joe Scheidler’s memorial for Fr. Paul Marx, the pro-life patriarch who died on Saturday. It was Fr. Marx who inspired Joe to take the plunge and begin fighting abortion full time. I hope you’ll read his memorial, and say a prayer for Fr. Marx as well.

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