Those Horrible Pictures

Which of these pictures do you find disgusting? [Photo by Dan Gura]

It happened again this week. Someone pulled up to a small group of pro-lifers who were holding signs along a busy street to yell at them.

The Complaint

He rolled down his window and said,

I have some “free speech” for you. I don’t have an opinion on abortion either way. But I have children. And those horrible pictures are disgusting! My kids would be so upset by them. You shouldn’t be out here. (etc, etc, etc)

My dad, holding a picture of Jesus asked, “You think Jesus is disgusting?”

I turned my picture so it would be facing him, since he was pointing my direction. In disbelief I asked, “This? This is a picture of a baby!” Another woman piped up, “Why would a child be scared of a baby picture?”

With a look of confusion on his face, the man looked more closely at the pictures we were holding, trying to find one he could complain about. There were pictures of beautiful developing babies in the womb against blue backgrounds, pictures of Christ, and a sign alerting motorists to the face that Vinod Goyal is an abortionist.

Realizing that we didn’t have “horrible,” “disgusting” pictures after all, he hit the gas and drove away.

Complainers Are Going To Complain

People often tell us while we’re on the Face The Truth Tour holding graphic images of aborted babies that we’re upsetting them, that we’d do better to simply hold pictures of developing babies: “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

But this is only the most recent of example of people yelling at us for being disgusting, even when we’re showing only “happy baby” pictures. People who are going to complain, are going to complain, it doesn’t matter what you do.

And since that is the case, we’re going to keep doing our Face The Truth Tours, since we know the graphic pictures save lives.

Join us Tuesday, April 13 in Mokena and Orland Park to show the Truth about what abortion does to God’s beautiful unborn babies.

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