Eric Scheidler Visits Priests for Life

Eric and Fr Frank

Eric Scheidler with Fr Frank Pavone at the Priests for Life headquarters in New York

Last week it was my special privilege to visit the offices of Priests for Life in Staten Island, which I learned is known as the “forgotten borough” of New York City, having more in common with the Jersey suburbs. I was there to record an interview for Fr. Frank Pavone’s pro-life EWTN program, Defending Life, and to update the Priests for Life staff and pastoral associates on the League’s work.

With the amazing outreach that Priests for Life has, there are many partnership opportunities for the Pro-Life Action League. We’re the recognized national experts on the kind of creative, dynamic activism that constitutes the “next step” for many who are drawn into the pro-life movement through the outreach of Fr. Frank and the other priests and missionaries of Priests for Life.

I had the opportunity to catch up with my old friend, Fr. Peter West, and got to meet Jim Pinto, who shares my passion for evangelizing on Christian marriage and openness to life. Another old friend, Janet Morana, executive director of Priests for Life, arranged my visit and gave me a tour of the center, along with guests Alan Parker of the Justice Foundation and Fr. Victor Ghio, a native of Gibraltar who is working at the Vatican.

I was struck by a sign I saw there on one of the stairways — something everyone on the staff would see every day: “Remember: We’re not fighting abortion, we’re ending abortion.” Priests for Life is an impressive operation, and I’m eager to work more closely together ending abortion.

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