The Significance of the 2010 Elections

The big question now is: What does the Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives do for the pro-life movement?

First of all, it is an major embarrassment to President Obama, as he essentially admitted in his post-election press conference.

The takeover of the House sends a clear message to Obama that his first two years in office have been essentially a disaster. Even he has had to acknowledge that fact.

And the turnover to a more pro-life and conservative House sends a clear message that Obamacare is so bad that it will lose whatever support it needs, and should be dismembered, piece by piece. This is probably
the greatest good to come from the November 2 elections.

61 Democrat losses in the House, not to mention Republican gains in the Senate and a number of new Republican governors, as well as some legislative gains in many states, bodes well for the pro-life cause. But pro-lifers are familiar enough with politicians to know that these victories give us no reason to relax our efforts to stop abortion through the activities that have been effective so far.

Many politicians are strong enough on the social issues, especially abortion, but often are embarrassed even to bring it up. Many of them will use pro-lifers to help them get elected, then drop our issue like a hot potato, finding it easier to give their attention to economic problems rather than social issues.

Still, the 2010 elections are a victory nonetheless, since it will now be more difficult for Obama to carry out his nefarious plans to ignore, reject and hamper our efforts.

But let’s not start the celebration yet. Let’s wait and see.

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