“Deeply Upsetting and Unsettling”

abortioneersThere was an entry posted this week on The Abortioneers — a group blog whose contributors work in the abortion industry — that provides an interesting glimpse into their mindset. As with most other entries on The Abortioneers blog, apparently its purpose is to reaffirm the belief that providing abortions is right, good, and noble. This particular post also aims to make “antis” (i.e., pro-lifers) feel as if all of our efforts are worthless:

Despite the hatred flowing out of your mouths, they have their abortions anyway. What you say, though it may upset, does not stop them from getting abortions.

“Hatred”? Please. “…does not stop them from getting abortions”? Watch No Greater Joy and hear interviews with three of the thousands of women who went to an abortion clinic planning to have an abortion, but then freely chose to change their minds and give birth to their babies instead. (Notice also the lack of hatred flowing out of the mouths of the sidewalk counselors.) The post continues:

It does not stop the doctor from going to the office.

Except it sometimes does — witness, for example, Dr. Anthony Levatino.

It does not stop the secretary from going to work.

Except it sometimes does — witness, for example, Luhra Tivis.

It does not stop the escort who stands outside all day helping women get inside the building because you have way too much free time.

Except it sometimes does — witness, for example, Mark Bomchill.

It does not stop me from helping women get abortions.

Except it sometimes does — witness, for example, Joan Appleton.

It does not stop us.

It’s as if this abortion provider is entirely unaware that his industry is a sinking ship that has seen employees leave in droves over the past few decades. The post continues:

We have our abortions anyway. Despite you. We have our abortions any way. Women will do literally anything to get that out of their bodies. …They will travel hundreds of miles. They will stick coat hangers inside themselves, hoping. They will take herbal cocktails, hoping. Hoping beyond hope. That this will stop and it can be over. This has to be deeply upsetting and unsettling to know, from an anti’s perspective. Knowing that women will do it anyway.

Yes, it is deeply upsetting and unsettling every single time an unborn child is killed by abortion, not only because of the violent act itself, but because of the horrific consequences so many women suffer in the wake of their abortion — some soon after the fact, but for others, maybe not until 10, 20, or 30 (or more) years later. And the staggering number of women who do go through with their abortions — despite the best efforts of sidewalk counselors, prayer supporters, pregnancy resource centers, etc. — has the potential to bring pro-lifers to the brink of despair (especially those who do not have their own spiritual house in order). But this is where our opposition misses the big picture. Every time a woman has an abortion, it’s not as if “they” win, and “we” lose. The struggle against abortion is nothing if it is not a spiritual battle, and it goes on. It’s for this reason that just as we encourage sidewalk counselors to offer women help and information on abortion alternatives as they are walking into the abortion clinic, we also encourage them them to offer them help and information on post-abortion healing as they are walking out of the abortion clinic. Think of how much more “deeply upsetting and unsettling” it is for abortion workers and their supporters to know that there are legions of women who have spoken out about how they deeply regret their abortions, and believe abortion is the worst thing that ever happened to them. Case in point — this excerpt from another recent Abortioneers post:

HYPOCRITICAL What are the statistics of abortions procedures since the legalization of Roe vs. Wade? Of those tens of thousands (how many more?), I cannot comprehend that any one of those individuals, OR their partners, could consciously be against it now. How many mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers are among us who now claim to be anti? How dare they! They took advantage of the privilege of choice. That choice monumentally changed the course of their lives — for the better? Because it did not unnecessarily burden them with a responsibility they felt unable to accept at that point in their lives. How can they take a position against choice now that their life’s journey has led them to a comfortable position because of the choice they once had the privilege to make?

“How dare they!”? In other words: How dare women who have had abortions choose to believe that what they did was wrong! So much for the abortion industry being “pro-choice”. [Cross-posted at Pro-Life Action League]

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