Biking for Babies 2010

Mike on Biking for Babies 2010

College students Mike Schaefer and Jimmy Becker decided to do something out of the ordinary last spring break.

Instead of the usual vacation, they wanted to give up their spring break year to do something productive for a cause they felt passionate about and came up with Biking for Babies.

The idea was for Mike and Jimmy to bike a 500 mile route across Illinois over their spring break with people pledging to donate money for every mile they rode. Proceeds were donated to worthy pro-life organizations to help the fight against abortion.

Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler, himself an avid cyclist, joined Mike and Jimmy when they came through Aurora, Illinois, where Eric and I live. It was a privilege to join Mike, Jimmy and their crew in a Rosary outside Planned Parenthood here in Aurora before they moved on.

Donate Today to Help 2 Great Pro-Life Causes

This year, Mike and Jimmy are doing it again and they’ve gotten a bunch of their friends involved as well. They’ll be doing two tours this year for a total of 1200 miles between two teams of riders. They’re hoping to raise $25,000 for the Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center in Champaign, Illinois and Students for Life of Illinois. Please consider making a financial gift to support this great effort toady.

And be sure to visit the Biking for Babies website to learn more about the riders and their routes as well as keeping up with their blog. You can track their progress as they train, buy a t-shirt and check out videos of the riders as well.

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