Wintery First Day of Spring Heightens Pro-Life Witness

PP Protest in the snow, March 20, 2010

Eric Scheidler heads up the picket line in Aurora Mar 20 [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The first day of spring was a chilly, windy, sloppy one in Aurora, Illinois, but the warmth of spring burned brightly in the hearts of the sixty activists who joined me to protest Planned Parenthood. Far from dampening turnout, the miserable weather had only inspired us all to make our monthly witness outside the “Abortion Fortress.”

Drivers passing by on New York Avenue must have been astonished to see such a determined protest going on in the high winds and driving snow. We received many complimentary honks and thumbs up.

God’s Grace More Powerful Still

At the end of the protest, I remarked that the devil must have deliberately chosen the windiest spot in all Aurora for his abortuary, but that God had turned it to the good by using it to show that His grace is more powerful still. I urged the group to use their experience this day to invite others to join us next month.

I then led the entire group to my van in the parking lot to drop off their signs, which were soaking wet—too wet to store in their vinyl bags as usual. Together with my sons Nate and Sam, I dried the signs off back at our nearby storage facility, ensuring they would be read to go next month.

Watching the votes being tallied the next day on the pro-abortion health care reform bill, I took consolation in the fact that the activist wing of the pro-life movement is going strong, as this month’s Planned Parenthood protest clearly demonstrated. In the end it will be activism—not politics—that will win the day.

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