Professor Encourages “Abortion Pride”

Scene from HamletJust looking around at our goofy society—our mindless politicians; their unworkable, irrational, juvenile, and almost humorous solutions (if they weren’t so dangerous); their economic nonsense with tax and spend program; the legalization of moral depravity: you get the idea—I can’t help but think of the famous words that William Shakespeare put into the mouth of the Prince of Denmark in his play, Hamlet: “The time is out of joint! O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right.”

Hamlet had just found out from the ghost of his father that the father’s brother, Hamlet’s brother, Hamlet’s uncle murdered him so that he could marry Hamlet’s mother; his girlfriend Ophelia is going mad and drowns herself; Hamlet kills her father thinking he is someone else; and other sundry problems. And Hamlet has to settle it all as amicably as possible, which ends up with his own death, or something like that.

I plan to reread the whole thing on my way to Baltimore, Sunday, just in case I have it a little out of order. And I may want to use this quote in my talk!

Although I could list 99 or more current cures plaguing the country and each one of us living here (with several hundred added just for Chicagoans) I am just going to discuss one offered recently by a Brown University professor, by way of LifeSiteNews.

Appel Encourages Abortion Industry Pride

According to Jacob M. Appel, a prominent bioethicist at Brown University, the abortion industry needs a pride movement similar to the homosexual movement. He thinks the moment is ripe for such a movement.

In an article on the website Opposing Views, Appel says the conservative press bombards us with stories of women who overcome obstacles to bring to term babies with severe disabilities (with the implication that there is some kind of blessing attached to this) and that such decisions make people proud of being pro-life. He thinks this is crazy and compares such pro-lifers with flat-earth believers.

Abortion: A “Noble” Choice?

But women who have abortions are not encouraged to brag about it, whereas Appel believes they should be. They should call abortion a courageous and noble moral choice. Women with the strength to say “this is the wrong time to have a baby,” or this is the wrong fetus, should hold their heads high.

He says that society in general calls abortion a “difficult choice,” but that society should be encouraged to be proud of women who have abortions for whatever reason. “Our message,” Appel concludes, “should not be merely toleration or resigned acquiescence, but genuine joy that someone has made a decision for their own and for the collective good.”

It’s hard to believe that nonsense was thought-out out and put out by a fellow human being.

The times really are out of joint when educators, even from Brown University, try so desperately to make evil good and good evil. It appears that not only are the times out of joint, but perhaps some brains also.

While we have a million stories that make even this one look a little tame, let’s leave it at that for now.

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