Opposing Thuggish Abortionists: A Source of Common Ground?

Abortionist Randall Whitney's booking photo
Abortionist Randall Whitney's booking photo

Jill Stanek reported yesterday that the pro-choice blog RH Reality Check has decided to scuttle “On Common Ground,” its disingenuous attempt to find the ever elusive compromise between the two sides in the abortion debate less than a year after its launch.

Calls for “common ground” like those issued by RH Reality Check are doomed to fail, because inevitably one of the first proposed measures is increased encouragement of and funding for contraception — which is an absolute non-starter.

Not long after learning of RH Reality Check’s decision to abort “On Common Ground”, I learned (via Pro-Life Florida) that Orlando abortionist Randall Whitney had been arrested earlier this year for slapping one of his patients as he was preparing her for an abortion.

If the “pro-choice” movement were truly interested in finding “common ground,” they might start here: Denouncing creepy abortionists like Whitney would surely be something that both sides in the abortion debate can agree on. Right?

“Pro-Choice” = Pro-Woman?

After all, if the major “pro-choice” organizations really cared about women, wouldn’t we expect them to lead the charge condemning Whitney’s act of slapping a woman he was preparing for an abortion?

In a word: No.

As of this writing, there is nary a mention of Randall Whitney on the websites of NOW, NARAL, or Planned Parenthood.

For but one other example, recall the Philadelphia abortion facility run by Kermit Gosnell, where a woman died following an abortion last fall. A few months later, following an investigation into Gosnell’s facility, state authorities suspended his license and ordered his facility closed after they discovered “deplorable and unsanitary conditions” therein.

As of this writing, there is no mention of Gosnell’s name on any of the Big Three “pro-choice” organizations’ websites either.

Calling out the thugs and hacks in the abortion industry should be something both pro-life and “pro-choice” organizations can agree on.

Yet the latter have no interest. So much for their being pro-woman.

And so much for “common ground”.

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