Return to Lake Zurich

Face the Truth Tour in Lake Zurich

Face the Truth Tour in Lake Zurich [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

The League returned to Lake Zurich, Illinois for a September 15 Truth Day to demonstrate our peaceful intentions and show Police Chief Patrick Finlon—and member of the press and public who listened to him—that his complaints about the League were misdirected (see accompanying story). The Tour was well attended and went as smoothly as sites in Lake Zurich always have. Chief Finlon even dropped by to touch base, and though he did not admit his error, I have to give him credit for putting out the olive branch, which suggests he recognizes he handled things badly.

The Truth Day concluded at a site in Mundelein where police had attempted to shut down the Truth Tour in 2006. Advance contact with the police forestalled difficulty this year, and the Truth Day was a great success.

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