Why Go Out There?

Hi again, everybody! Whew, I’ve been away from here awhile. I’m totally immersed in the awesome 40 Days for Life Campaign! It is indeed wonderful and powerful, and it looks like truly the beginning of the end of abortion. So today I’m going to talk about something that is very much a part of 40 Days for Life, and something that I’ve been talking about a few times lately to people getting involved with the 40 Days. I’d title it, “Why Go Out There?” I think this question is on a lot of people’s minds who are newly getting active in this great movement, or who are deciding if it is worthwhile for them to get involved. Why go out there to the abortion clinics and pray and witness for life? Why should we stand there and pray, or why offer information and help to the mothers going in for abortions? Why can’t we all just pray at home for an end to this great tragedy? That’s a good question. Why can’t we all just pray at home? See, the reason most women are going into abortion clinics is not because they have decided it is a good choice for them, but because they feel that they have NO choice! They feel there is no other way for them, and that not possibly could things work out so that they can have their babies. A mother going to an abortion mill has had the whole world walk off on her. Her family, friends, and others have nothing to offer her, no help to give her, no hope to share with her. Nobody cares what happens to her and her baby. Nobody has stepped forward at the last minute to say, “Stop; there’s another way, and I can help you.” Nobody. There’s just nobody there for this poor woman. Every woman going into an abortion clinic is a victim. So, if we can go to the abortion clinic and pray there and be there to help, someone is there for the mothers going in! Someone is there to offer help, hope, and a different way! No longer has the whole world walked off on the mother! She has another chance! If we’re there for her and her baby, she has another chance, another opportunity, to accept the love, support, and help that we are offering as an alternative to abortion. We care. We want to help. We’ll be there for her. No longer does she have to feel that there is no other way. The walls of reasons that she has built to justify the abortion are crumbling, crumbling. But this can happen only if we’re there. Only if we’re there. If we cannot find the time or the reason to go there and pray, that is most probably the end of it for the baby and his mother going to the abortion clinic. It will be their calvary; it will be the baby’s violent death that will cry to heaven for vengeance, and it will be her lifelong agony. Because no one was there for them; no one cared enough to step forward in love and help to the mother and her baby so much in need. No one was there. A woman going to an abortion clinic is terribly alone. If we are not there for her, there is no one else in the world there for her either. We accuse the fathers of the unborn babies of the most despicable abandonment and irresponsibility when they bring their wives/girlfriends to abortion clinics. We accuse the families and friends of the pregnant mothers of the cruelest lack of love and help. We accuse society of victimizing these women by its indifference to their need. But yet we ourselves, we who do this accusing, cannot find it in ourselves and in our schedules to be there for the mothers going to abortion clinics! It is we who have so outrageously walked out on the mothers and babies! It is we who will not be there for them to offer help and a different way. It is we who will not be there for them! If we’re there, there is another chance for the baby, for his mother. If we’re there, the whole world will not have walked out on the baby and his mother. If we’re there, this great wrong, this great tragedy, can be stopped. So tomorrow I’m going out there, out to pray and offer help to the mothers going to the abortion clinic. I’m going to be there for them when no one else will be, so they can have another chance and know that someone is there for them to offer help and love. Are you going out there? God bless.

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