Who’s running for school board?

Vote Pro-Life on April 7One of the central issues in the fight against HB2354 is the impact it could have on our kids by way of the mandatory sex-ed it would impose on all Illinois public schools. With that in mind, who’s running for school board in your area? Do you know the candidates? Do you know where they stand on comprehensive sex-ed and other issues that effect Illinois families?

What can you do?

If you do know, post what you know about the candidates at the Stop Illinois FOCA website so others can benefit. If you don’t know, find out and report back with the information. I’ve turned off comments on this post so we can consolidate everyone’s knowledge in one place at the Stop Illinois FOCA site.

  • To find out who’s running, can check with your local board of elections or election commission.
  • Call candidates in your area and ask them their position on sex-ed, their position on parental involvement in sex-ed curriculum and any other issues you think would be important to Illinois families.
  • Post your findings at the Stop Illinois FOCA website.

Together, we can be informed voters and impact Illinois for the good of families.

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