Waterleaf Women’s Center

Sunday, the Waterleaf Women’s Center had their dedication ceremony with Director of the Joliet Catholic Diocesan Life Office, Fr. Thomas Milota. While I missed the ceremony, I was able to visit. When I and my family entered the center, I felt a very warm relaxing atmosphere. My wife commented that it felt like she was entering a spa. The folks who worked so hard to build this new resource center are wonderful people. Kelly, Cyndi, Maura, Dan and Paul. Thank you for bringing to Aurora, the area that was termed the “ground-zero” of the abortion battle, the chance for life.  No woman really wants abortion.  Thank you for providing FREE resources for alternatives to this devastating “choice”. Today’s Beacon and Naperville Sun carried front-page articles titled “Alternative to Planned Parenthood moves in” about the new pregnancy resource center located very near to the Planned Parenthood facility. Waterleaf is located at 2849 East New York (at the corner of Eola and New York) in the Starbucks shopping center.  Check out their web site for hours and stop by. Also, they are looking for volunteers to help. Note:  Waterleaf is planning to open for business as soon as the City of Aurora issues its permits. God Bless, Roger

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