League Brings the Truth Downtown

Face the Truth Tour on Lake Shore Drive

Face the Truth Tour on Lake Shore Drive [Photo by Matt Yonke]

The Pro-Life Action League held its first Face the Truth Day of 2009 in downtown Chicago on April 8. Thousands of Chicagoans were brought face to face with the truth about abortion on a day when it would not have otherwise crossed their minds.

The first stop was outside Union Station, where several people stopped to make donations or simply thank those holding signs for standing up for life.

Next the tour headed to Lake Shore Drive, just outside of Grant Park. Over 20 people joined the tour at the site, and every sign the League brought was deployed.

Face the Truth Tour at Daley Plaza

Ann Scheidler speaks with Agnes Cassiere at Daley Plaza [Photo by Matt Yonke]

Daley Plaza was the final stop where “Play Ball Chicago” day was also taking place. Hundreds of people had come to see exhibits, eat hot dogs and get their picture taken with team mascots.

As with the first two sites, the response was remarkably positive. Very few people had negative comments, and many expressed their gratitude for the League bringing the gruesome reality of abortion into the clear light of day.

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