League Condemns Murder of Abortionist George Tiller

Late Term Abortionist George Tiller

Late term abortionist George Tiller, murdered May 31, 2009

The Pro-Life Action League was shocked and dismayed to learn that late-term abortionist George Tiller was shot and killed while at chuch in Wichita, Kansas on Sunday, May 31. In a press statement, League National Director Joe Scheidler condemned the murder and declared that we must seek to convert abortionists like Tiller.

“We don’t know yet what motivated the killer,” said Scheidler, “but any act of violence in the name of protecting the lives of unborn children is a betrayal of the pro-life movement, which proclaims the sanctity of all human life.”

Violence Is Not the Answer—Conversion Is

Scheidler and the League have always denounced the use of violence in the pro-life cause. A chapter of Scheidler’s book, CLOSED: 99 Ways To Stop Abortion is devoted to the topic.

The League is now bracing for the onslaught of accusations—already beginning—that the pro-life movement is responsible for Tiller’s murder. Nothing could be further form the truth. “Those who resort to such acts of violence have always had little or no connection with the pro-life movement,” Scheidler remarked. “They lack the faith and courage it takes to fight abortion effectively.”

Moreover, no babies will be saved by resorting to violence. “Someone else will now perform the abortions that Tiller had scheduled this week,” Scheidler said. “The only difference this killing makes is that pro-life groups will be dragged through the mud.”

Scheidler regrets that George Tiller will never be numbered among the abortionists who have converted to the pro-life side, as one of his former staff members, Luhra Tivis, did. Luhra’s testimony is featured on the League’s DVD, Meet the Abortion Providers, and is also available online.

“No one is beyond salvation,” Scheidler said. “As much of an enemy as Tiller was, he deserved our prayers and even our respect as a fellow human being. Human life is precious—all human life.”

Scheidler’s History with George Tiller

Joe Scheidler has a long history with George Tiller, going back to the 1980s. He once shared a long cab ride with Tiller when they both showed up late at the New Orleans airport for a National Abortion Federaration (NAF) meeting.

Not realizing that Scheidler was a pro-life activist, Tiller told him about the utility of ultrasound technology for performing late-term abortions—the subject of a talk he was giving at the NAF meeting—and invited him to visit his Wichita, Kansas clinic. Once the NAF meeting began, Tiller realized who Scheidler was and refused to show the footage of how he was using ultrasound in abortions until Scheidler left the room.

Scheidler later took Tiller up on his invitation and visited Tiller’s abortuary in Wichita—with cameras and reporters from the local media. No abortions were performed that day.

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