Take a Stand Against Abortion This Tuesday

In solidarity with our friends at the pro-life youth organizations Stand True, Students for Life of America, and Survivors, we join them in calling all students to take a stand against abortion in a special way this Tuesday, September 8. On that day, President Barack Obama will address America’s returning students in a speech welcoming them back to the classroom. This Tuesday, we’re asking pro-life students to wear plain T-shirts with “Abortion Is Not Health Care” written in large letters across the front to protest the President’s current support for nationalized health care that will include taxpayer funded abortions. Or, if you are not able to make your own shirt, simply wear a shirt that already has a pro-life message. And, if you’re asked to fill out a survey during or after the talk, respectfully ask the President to take a stand against the killing of unborn children. Finally, if you face opposition from your school, the attorneys at the Alliance Defense Fund are prepared to help — their phone number is 1-800-835-5233.

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