Planned Parenthood tries to drum up more business

Planned Parenthood's ad in the Aurora BeaconPlanned Parenthood ran this ad in the Aurora Beacon on Monday, September 21 offering their “Convenient, confidential and affordable services. I see this as simultaneously displaying Planned Parenthood’s strengths and their weaknesses. It displays their strong suits of money and influence. Those are perhaps the two biggest things Planned Parenthood has going for them in this struggle, and they have them in spades. It costs money to advertise. This is a very nicely designed ad which says they hired a good designer which they consistently do. Good design costs money, but they’ve got money to burn. That’s where they’re strong. But this ad also shows their weakness. Why do they have to put out a pretty, inviting ad like this? Why do they have to offer discounts to new patients on their already “affordable” prices? It’s because what they do is disgusting and everybody knows exactly what they do. And that’s why it’s so important for us pro-lifers to be out there. We are the testament to the reality of abortion. Even one pro-lifer standing outside that clinic is a sign that won’t let people forget what really goes on inside that nice, well-landscaped building. And sometimes that sign is enough to make a woman rethink her decision to have an abortion, or just to patronize Planned Parenthood for other services. That should spur each and every Fox Valley citizen who values life to stand at that clinic and be that witness. Especially during these “40 Days for Life” where we know our increased presence makes an impact. So sign up for an hour to pray during this important time and carry that enthusiasm past the 40 Days. Stand at the clinic and pray, join or monthly protest, keep an eye on the events page here for other pro-life events. Make the life-saving work of clinic witness a regular part of your life.

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