Planned Parenthood loses a Customer

It is great to see some old and some new faces spending time praying to stop abortion at the Planned Parenthood facility since the 40 Days for Life began just a couple days ago. Prayer works and enables God to work more effectively in our hearts. Just the other night, after the start of our 40 Days, I spoke with a young woman, I’ll call her “Lisa”, who was going to PP for some medical issues, to which she stated the solution was birth control pills. I shared with her some of the documented facts regarding the potential side-effects of various birth control methods. I also shared with her all about Planned Parenthood, its founding and the fact that it is the U.S.’ largest provider of abortion “services”. She was not really in favor of abortion, so I shared with her that PP is a business. No customers, no business. And the fact that all the “medical services” that PP offers, less abortion, are available elsewhere. She shared that she did in fact have a primary care physician that she could see and that she should probably go see that physician. Planned Parenthood is all about preventing pregnancies. They offer NO pre-natal care. They offer NO mammogram. Why not? Are these not normal “health care” for women? And why do they have more recovery rooms than the local hospital? They say, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail“. If you think that abortion is only the 10% or so of the “services” that they offer, I invite you to come to PP some Friday or Saturday morning, days when PP aborts the unborn, and see for yourself that “10%”. After speaking to Lisa for a while we said goodbye, and I thanked her for speaking with me. She went into the building for a few minutes, but then came out and left. I waved to her as she drove away. And I thanked the prayer partners that enabled Lisa to make the right decision to leave. Pray that she continues to make more good decisions. One less customer for Planned Parenthood. One step closer to being closed! God Bless, Roger

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