Peaceful protest continues at Planned Parenthood Aurora

Protesters line New York Street outside Planned Parenthood Aurora on June 20, 2009

After a break from the regular third Saturday monthly protests outside Planned Parenthood Aurora to protest President Obama at Notre Dame, it was good to be back on track on June 20.

Dozens of pro-lifers lined New York Street with picket signs proclaiming “Moms for Life,” “Dads for Life,” “Planned Parenthood Lies to You” and “Stop Abortion Now” while several others kept a prayer and counseling presence at the entrance of the clinic to offer help to abortion-bound moms.

A father carries a 'Dads for Life' sign while praying the Rosary at the June 20 protest.

The June protest was peaceful and prayerful, just like every protest has been every month for nearly the last two years. Despite pro-abortion groups attempts to portray all pro-lifers as violent because of the shooting of late-term abortionist George Tiller, the facts continue to tell a different story.

Not one act of violence has been committed by a pro-lifer at Planned Parenthood Aurora while several pro-lifers have been attacked by passing cars, had projectiles thrown at them and been harassed by Planned Parenthood staffers. If one side of this controversy is going to be portrayed as violent, it could hardly be the pro-life side.

A family holds signs at the corner of New York Street and Oakhurst Drive.

At the conclusion of the protest, we gathered at the corner of Oakhurst Drive and New York Street to share some words of encouragement and close in prayer.

It was great to be back again with the stalwart Aurora activists and I look forward to next month’s protest which will be on the concluding day of the Pro-Life Action League’s Summer “Face the Truth” Tour.

Last year’s stop at Planned Parenthood Aurora was one of the best attended “Face the Truth” sites in League history. Come join us this year and show Chicagoland that nobody does pro-life activism like the Fox Valley!

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