Get Your Head Out of the Sand!

We got an e-mail yesterday from our friends at Human Life Alliance about a new poster and publication they’re offering, and we’re glad to pass it along here:

Request copies of this captivating poster to put up around your church or school. Next week Human Life Alliance will be releasing a new version of Imposed Death. This new information packed publication is a must have for anyone that won’t be living forever! Use this poster to pique curiosity about the issues surrounding euthanasia and assisted suicide one week prior to handing out Imposed Death at your church or school. Click here to request copies.

New Imposed Death Publication Will Be Released on April 7th

Human Life Alliance is releasing its updated publication on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide entitled Imposed Death. This information packed edition has new articles and updated statistics and information. Learn about the history of the euthanasia movement in the US, what’s happening presently and where the “slippery slope” may lead us in the not too distant future. Imposed Death is a powerful tool for educating everyone about this real and immediate threat to our sick, disabled and elderly.

You can request free samples of any of HLA’s excellent publications here.

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