Face the Truth Tour 2009

Hi All! I’d like to invite each of you to join me on this summer’s Face the Truth tour conducted by the Pro-Life Action League (parent group of Generations for Life). As someone who’s taken part in it for several years, I must say that it’s an amazing experience, and has always been the highlight of my summer! Please come and participate! Where: Greater Chicagoland area, itinerary with specific locations here. When: July 10 – 18 (not held on the 12th as its Sunday, day of rest) There are 3 sites each day, and typically, 1.5 hours is spent at each site. (Lunch is usually provided) A ‘Face the Truth’ tour is an opportunity to educate people about the absolute wrongfulness of abortion through the usage of signs showing graphic images of aborted babies and unborn babies. You may view what signs they use here. While people hold the signs along the road, other pro-life volunteers distribute literature to passing motorists and pedestrians to help them understand the gravity of the Culture of Death. Besides having the opportunity to display these powerful pictures, you will get a neat “Face the Truth’ t-shirt and be able to pass out prolife literature to passersby (information on pregnancy help, baby development, post-abortive help) to a multitude of people over the week. A good presentation of what it is like to partake of this event may be viewed here: For me, a desciption of what it’s like to take part in such pro-life work would be safe, peaceful, and fulfilling, as you’re truly doing the work of God by educating people on the absolute horror of abortion. It is legal to partake of the tour! The police are always informed in advance of our upcoming presence by the Pro-Life Action League, and are there to protect our first amendment rights of free speech. If your parents are concerned for your and your siblings’ safety, you can hold signs together. The coordinators won’t separate you if you don’t want them to (they don’t normally suggest that anyway), and you can all be on either side of each other holding signs. Usually my family stays near each other and carries a cell phone; the coordinators have mobile communication devices as well. The chances of anything worse than being yelled at happening are miniscule and there’s at least one coordinator on every side of the street (they wear neon green shirts so you’ll be better able to recognize them), but it’s always best to be prepared. Now, I can’t extrapolate enough on how many people will ask you “Is that for real?” “Is that true?” ”Does that really happen?” Believe it or not hundreds of people just don’t know how terrible an abortion is, and the good thing about the images is that they are almost impossible to forget and therefore usually what will convince a lady to choose not to have an abortion. You’ll also have people that will say “That’s disgusting” or “That’s horrible, how can you hold that?”, and I have to agree with them. I find the images to be extremely disturbing and saddening, but by holding that sign I’m stopping abortions from occurring. Every civil rights movement has had to use graphic images to bring an end to injustice (child labor, the holocaust photos, the dead body of Emmet Till) all of which you see in textbooks today, so that it won’t happen again! If you have any objections or misgivings to participating in this voluntary tour, please view this page which may assist you. The tour is also a great time for prayer and it’s recommended that it’s done while holding a sign. You’ll be able to meet many enthusiastic pro-lifers of all ages, educate yourself, as well as feel happy at the end of the day. One of the nice things about this activity, is that you don’t have to sign up to partake in it! All you have to do is come! Also, you don’t have to spend the entire hour and a half at a site, if you can only give 15 min. that’s still welcome! Some of the people that join us do so ‘impromptu’ (truck drivers, deliverers, people on their lunch breaks). It’s a wonderful and sacrificial way to end ignorance and help promote the culture of Life.The knowledge that you are saving innocent lives makes it more than worth all the ‘trouble’ (Really, in the grand scheme of things, is it asking too much for someone to spend an hour and a half quietly holding a sign?) At a full day’s end, you’ll likely be tired, but it’s worth it! If you need more info, please feel free to contact Generations for Life or the Pro Life Action League. God bless!

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