Dozens brave driving winds to protest Planned Parenthood

Protesters carry new signs at January protest outside Planned Parenthood AuroraThe un-shoveled sidewalk along New York Street in Aurora was covered with a good eight inches of snow when we arrived Saturday morning for the monthly protest. Winds howled across the vacant lot between Planned Parenthood and the street. Temperatures were in the teens, well below freezing, and the sky was mid-morning winter gray. But that didn’t stop over fifty pro-lifers from coming out to continue the fine tradition of public protest that’s gone on every month for over a year. New signs were debuted at this month’s protest. New red, coroplast stop-sign-shaped “Stop Abortion Now” signs replaced the older, heavier cardboard versions. In addition, new signs reading “Moms for Life” and “Dads for Life” were a big hit with the crowd. Picketer with a "Dad's for Life" signAt the end of the rally, as we were gathering at the corner to pray, a semi-truck driver driving with his son honked his horn and signaled thumbs-up to the crowd. He stopped at the light on the corner of New York Street and Oakhurst Drive and leaned out to say how much he appreciated what we were doing and wished God’s blessing on us all. He was clearly quite touched to see people doing the important work of activism. Eric Scheidler seized the opportunity and jumped up to hand the man a “Dad’s for Life” sign, which he gratefully accepted. As Eric pointed out to the crowd, this is one of the chief benefits of pro-life activism: It keeps the issue of abortion on the forefront of people’s minds and on the conscience of our nation. We must not let our nation forget about the abortion issue and rallies like Saturday’s are a critical way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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