Tom Brejcha Educates Pro-Lifers on Chicago Bubble Zone

Tom Brejcha Bubble Zone Seminar

On November 14, 2009, the Pro-Life Action League held a sidewalk counseling seminar in Chicago at St. Mary of the Angels Church. Sidewalk counseling training is a central part of the League’s mission, but this seminar had an extra sense of urgency due to the “bubble zone” recently passed in Chicago.

At the time of the seminar, the ordinance had passed but was not yet being enforced, and there was a great deal of uncertainty among pro-lifers about what implications the law would have for them in their life-saving work outside Chicago’s abortuaries.

Brejcha Explains Pro-Lifers’ Rights

With this in view, the League brought in the Thomas More Society‘s President and Chief Counsel Tom Brejcha to fill pro-lifers in on what the law would mean to them on the ground.

Tom has over 35 years of legal experience and has spent more than two decades of that time defending pro-lifers. Most famously, Tom litigated the landmark NOW v. Scheidler case on behalf of Joe Scheidler and the League. His background in pro-life legal work made him the natural choice to help pro-lifers understand their rights under this ambiguous ordinance.

League associate Jeff Eschbach was at the seminar and recorded Tom’s talk which the League is now happy to share via our Youtube channel. This seminar will be an excellent resource for any pro-lifer seeking a deeper understanding of how to witness for life under difficult legal restrictions.

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