Aloha from New Guest Blogger

Aloha Everyone! My name is Kara, age 17, and I am a home-schooled student living in Hawaii with my parents and younger brother. I’m honored to have been asked to be a guest blogger for Generations for Life! I hope to mostly contribute to issues regarding chastity, Euthanasia, and Abortion, including some of my reflections on these topics. My hobbies include reading (when I have time!), knitting, freelance writing, poetry, photography, cake decorating, apologetics, watching movies, music (including oldies), pro-life, hanging out with friends/family and singing (which can drive my family nuts!). I am home-schooled with Seton Home Study School, which I really enjoy since it has given me such a good grounding in my Catholic Faith. I am appreciative of my mother for teaching me since Kindergarten–it’s my last year! I hope to attend a Catholic college or Hawaii Pacific University. At times, I won’t be posting much because I have a very demanding course load and my computer time is limited or used up with school assignments. Thanks and God bless you all! I look forward to blogging! Kara~

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