Support CCHD With Confidence This Weekend

What a sad state of affairs when even the people who write a city ordinance don’t know what it means. That makes it almost impossible for anyone else to have a clue, so the alternative is to give it ones own interpretation based on one’s preferences.

Bubble Zone Mayhem

At issue is the new so-called “bubble zone” invented to try to keep pro-life sidewalk counselors from talking abortion-bound women out of killing their offspring. The ordinance apparently went into effect Nov. 16 when it got published.

The Mayor, pro-abortion Richard M. Daley didn’t have to sign it but he could have vetoed it if he had a soul and concern for women facing a lifetime of remorse, regret and depression if they have their abortion, and babies killed that might have lived if we had only had a chance to talk to their moms, as we have done so many thousands of times in the past 37 years.

If the ordinance were followed correctly we could be where we have always been, right next to the entrance of the abortion mill. The women coming to the death mill enters a 50-foot zone from the door where she suddenly acquires an eight-foot bubble zone. We can ask her if she wants a pamphlet or wants to speak to us and if she does the eight-foot bubble zones she acquired fifty feet away disappears and we discuss her problem.

There is no stipulation that we have to be fifty feet from the entrance, that’s just where her eight-foot bubble appears. However when we were standing by the door Thursday, three squad cars appeared and three cops rushed into the killing center to get their false interpretation from the head of the death squad, Diana.

The cops came out and told us we had to be fifty feet form the entrance. Wrong! Not true! Not in the ordinance! Not anywhere, but in the deceitful minds of the pro-aborts and now in the totally confused minds of Chicago’s finest. The fifty-foot bubble is for the woman, not for us.

Ann argued, and I got attorney Tom Brejcha on the phone to explain the ordinance to Officer Erbacci, who talked over us and wouldn’t talk to Tom.

Yet on Friday our sidewalk counselors were back at the entrance and no problem.

The Bubble Zone is a big joke, and we will treat it as such until we get it before a judge who may know the law and interpret it properly, and place a restraining order on it, until we can have it thrown out as unconstitutional . Stay tuned .

Rey Flores Leading CCHD Down The Right Path

One job I am glad I don’t have right now it being the local director of the Chicago area Campaign for Human Development—a hated and, presently misunderstood organization—as its diligent and determined new director is trying to get rid of the unsavory organizations that were involved in such things a contraception, gay rights and even abortion, and trying to fix it so it is truly Catholic.

The new director is Rey Flores. Rey is a community worker from way back and a devout Catholic who is as upset with the present campaign as are most other faithful Catholics.

Rey has met with the Cardinal, has gone through the recipients, crossed out more than a dozen, and is trying to fill the spaces with the good guys like the Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center, Aid for Women, The Franciscan Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, Chastity Education Initiative with the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Respect Life Office.

Rey says to look to the future and not to the past. He says they will no longer fund many organizations and projects that previously were on the list. I met with Ray and he showed me one by one those that organizations that will be eliminated.

Flores wants the recipients to be perfectly safe for everyone to support next year, so that means money you put in this year will be well used, at least locally, and he is working hard to influence other diocese and the headquarters to do the same.

He says that a lot has been said against donating to the campaign in the past few weeks leading up to this weekend’s collection. He admits that the CCHD has currently been under the microscope for having funded some questionable organization in the past, but he is happy to say that the change that we all have been wanting from CCHD is in the works.

So you can feel free to give though the CCHD this year for the good that this money will go next year for organizations that we all support. If you still feel that you have to boycott the CCHD you’ll just be hurting good organizations that will need the money next year. We strongly urge you to give Rey Flores a chance. Change has to start somewhere and sometime. I believe that somewhere is Chicago and the sometime is now. If you have another idea just give me a call at 773-777-2900 (or email me) and I’ll gladly argue with you—but I bet I’ve already heard all the arguments.

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