Bubble Zone Protest Gets Media’s Appreciation

The League held a press conference to protest the new Chicago Bubble Zone on Tuesday. Forty pro-lifers came to show that they were upset about their first amendment rights being trampled by Planned Parenthood and the pro-aborts.

Media Well Represented

Many reporters came as well, including CBS, ABC 7, WGN, WMBI, the Chicago Tribune, and more. See our homepage story on the protest for links to those stories. The reporters were surprisingly friendly with us, some of them even saying they were glad we were there. I think reporters are probably very displeased about any infringements upon the First Amendment.

On an amusing note, Planned Parenthood’s attorney hung around the building in a tan trench coat snapping photos of our press conference and our crowd with a disposable camera. We’re assuming he’s their attorney because he came out of the PP building and when we asked him who he was, he refused to answer our questions.

Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want To Lose Money

According to the Chicago Tribune, Planned Parenthood is “thrilled” with the ordinance, which they believe “will enhance public safety in a fair and constitutional manner,” and “strikes a delicate balance between the right to free speech with the need to protect people from harassment and intimidation.”

As one friend of mine noted, the only thing Planned Parenthood is worried about is losing a sale.

They think by creating these imaginary bubbles that they’ll keep pro-lifers away. But the League will not run away. As Ann Scheidler said at our training session, “the only thing I would do differently is I wouldn’t take a step towards a woman going in.” But she’ll still be out there.

And, even if you’re outside of Chicago, you should always remember to have a video camera and a friend with you when you go to the clinics.

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