Pro-Life Activists Featured in New York Times

The New York Times, of all places, highlighted pro-life activists twice this weekend in features that are both well worth a look.

Pro-Life Activists Featured in New York Times

One article does a good job of attempting to understand what makes activists tick. It focuses on three individuals in particular and how they first got involved. One is Dan Brewer, who, before he became a Christian, recalls swearing at Jim Pouillon during one of his one-man protests in the early 1990s. (Jim, you may recall, was murdered last month while protesting abortion outside a high school in Owosso, Michigan.)

Later, Dan asked Jim for forgiveness. The two became good friends, and often protested together.

Also featured are Chet Gallagher, a former Las Vegas police officer who first became involved in Operation Rescue and is now with Operation Save America, and Deborah Anderson, and Deborah Anderson, who describes herself as “an unwanted child” who probably would have been killed if abortion had been legal when her mother was pregnant with her.

The writer of the article, Damien Cave, offers this insightful analysis of the role activists play:

Together, these street activists make up an assertive minority of a few thousand people within the larger anti-abortion movement. Neither the best financed nor largest element in the mix, they are nonetheless the only face of anti-abortion that many Americans see. Indeed, persistent provocation is their defining attribute: day after day on street corners from California to Massachusetts, they stand like town criers, calling to women walking into abortion clinics, or waving graphic signs as disturbing as they are impossible to ignore.

The writer’s observation that activists are “the only face of [the pro-life movement] that many Americans see” is one that we have remarked on ourselves, and one that we have written about at length on our “Answering Common Objections to Face the Truth” FAQ page in response to the question, “Doesn’t the public display of graphic abortion pictures make the pro-life movement look extreme?”

Monica Miller’s Aborted Baby Photos in NYT

Even more significant is that the New York Times photojournalism blog featured a photo exposé of the remains of aborted babies, focusing on the work of our good friend Dr. Monica Miller.

Regarding the feature, Monica wrote:

Perhaps for the first time in the history of the pro-life movement, a nationally recognized paper—or any newspaper for that matter—has (at last!) deliberately printed photos of actual abortion victims.

This article IS A COUP—and is sure to generate much debate—but most importantly—we need to pray that hearts will be changed. Our goal is to show and tell the truth about the injustice of abortion. I hope this story helps awaken hearts and minds.

Daley Says He Supports Bubble Zone

We were disappointed to learn on Friday that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley intends to sign the free-speech choking Bubble Zone ordinance, which would prevent sidewalk counselors from coming within 8 feet of a woman if she is within 50 feet of an abortion clinic entrance.

In an attempt to justify his decision, the Mayor remarked, “There has to be some civility left in our society.”

How ironic. The mission of sidewalk counselors is to prevent mothers from allowing their children to be killed — and, in the process, sparing them a lifetime of pain and regret — and we’re the ones who are uncivil?

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