Joe Scheidler Reports on the Bubble Ordinance

Our hat is off to the more than 150 pro-life activists who came out to protest in front of Chicago City Hall on Wednesday, October 7 against Planned Parenthood’s patently unconstitutional, mindless bubble zone ordinance which would deny pro-lifers the life-saving program of talking women out of abortion.

Excellent Turn Out At Bubble Zone Protest

Our sidewalk counseling not only saves children’s lives, but frees woman from lives of regret, despair, depression, self-loathing, and even suicide. Six times more women commit suicide following an abortion than women who carry an unplanned pregnancy to term.

Our protest in front of City Hall was well organized and featured signs reading “No Bubble Zone,” “Protect Free Speech,” “Dads for Life” and “Moms for Life.” More than 100 American flags were carried in the march while participants shouted, “Life yes, abortion no! Bubble Zones have got to go.” We also sang “Amazing Grace.” Many of the Chicago media was there.

Following the protest, many participants attended the City Council meeting. The ordinance itself establishes a fifty foot bubble zone around the clinic entrance within which a pro-lifer must remain at least eight feet from to a patient or mill employee, unless that individual indicates consent to take a leaflet or talk with the pro-lifer.

Pro-lifers outside the fifty-foot zone cold talk with anyone and hand out flyers, and pro-lifers within the fifty-foot zone can pray and attempt to offer help to the abortion bound woman if she agrees.

Bubble Based On Lies

Pro-aborts had complained that since the killing of late-term abortionist George Tiller, who was shot in a church in Wichita, KS last May, has activated pro-lifers to do violent acts. This is of course a bold- faced lie.

But pro-aborts convinced many of the aldermen that clinics need special protection through this unconstitutional ordinance. Meanwhile, police records indicate that there has been no pro-life illegal activity outside the baby-butcher shops. Some of the outrageous complaints by the pro-aborts are that pro-lifers’ children shout that they are glad they were born (how awful!), and that some pro-lifers have donned yellow jackets like the abortion deathscorts wear. Guilt by selection of clothing! The ‘Borts say some pro-lifers have even worn white jackets to make them look like medical personnel. Maybe they are.

Besides, these frightful “crimes” would not be remedied by an 8-foot bubble zone, which doesn’t designate what clothes you can wear and what your children can say about being glad they weren’t aborted.

How They Voted

Intelligent council members voting against the ban are Aldermen James Balcer (11), Frank Olivo (13), Ed Burke (14), Lona Lane (18), Ginger Rugai (19), Willie Cochran (20), Michael Zalewski (23), Ariel Reboyras (30), Ray Suarez (31), John Rice (36), Marge Laurino (39), Brian Doherty (41), and Pat Levar (45). They should be complimented.

Incidentally, even the pro-abortion American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) came out against the unconstitutional bubble zone ordinance, a fact that was cited by several of the dissenters.

Any pro-lifer found guilty of breaking this goofy ordinance would be fined $500 for each offense.

Our best hope now is to persuade Mayor Richard M. Daley to veto this pro-abortion ordinance. Thomas More Society pro-life attorneys are providing Daley with facts on the bill’s unconstitutionality.

Business As Usual

But for pro-lifers it’s business as usual. Bubble zones can’t keep us from dissuading women from having abortions. Women don’t live in the clinics. They come from somewhere outside, and we can intercept them at various sites beyond the fifty-foot zone. Many want to talk to us, and would gladly allow us inside the 8-foot bubble.

Besides, we have hundreds of graphic pictures that show women what abortion does to their babies. It isn’t pretty. And remember, a picture is worth 10,000 words.

Meanwhile, get all your friends to call the Mayor during working hours at 312-744-3300. We may be going out on a limb, but we predict that Mayor Daley will veto the stupid bubble zone bill. I’ll tell you why I think that, later.

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